• industrial adhesives for wood – HENKEL, DYNEA and other producers:
    PVAc glues for windows, edge to edge gluing, assembly;
    hotmelt adhesives for straight edges and wrapping
  • approved one-component polyuretan adhesives for engineered wood – PURBOND
  • woodworking tools – STEHLE:
    micro-finger jointing cutters, planer heads and knives, router cutters, drills,
    saw blades and diamond tools, CNC tools, standard reversible knives
    and profiled knives according to customer wish.
    Spare knives for STEHLE heads accessible from our stock.
  • tools for doors and windows production – OERTLI
  • complete range of router cutters – TITMAN
  • cleaning means for woodworking tools – EMSA-TECHNIK
  • industrial cleaning machines for woodworking tools – EMSA-TECHNIK
  • painting lines and paint shops – RANGE+HEINE: for wood
  • painting applications and equipment- REITER: for wood,
    electronic dosing-mixing devices for 2- and 3-component paint, pumps and spray guns
  • 3-layer particleboards for fire-resistant interior doors EI30 i EI60 – HALSPAN
  • seals – LORIENT, seals – HALSPAN: for fire-doors (intumescent seals for fire and hot smoke protection),
    seals for smoke- , sound insulation and for other doors
  • chipboard fillings for doors – SAUERLAND: tubular cores (in different thickness),
    solid chipboards ( 1-layer and sandwich-type)
  • HDF door-skins with wood texture – moulded (in different patterns) and flat ones
  • honeycomb paper fillings – for doors, furniture, partitions and packaging
  • pneumatic feeders and accessories for adhesives
  • woodworking machines – WEINIG Group
  • spare parts for wood-working machines